It has been a long trip with a roller-coaster of emotions. I am finally coming to an end here, and I think this whole experience has been amazing. This last week was packed with a trip to Madrid, ice cream, and tons more homework.

Homework has just been a task to get done. It’s a fact of the trip, so I have been doing my best to stay on top of things. Most of the assignments are online, and I have always struggled with those types of classes. I have been checking online every day to make sure I have the most up to date information, and I have probably sent about 100 messages to my professor trying to make sure everything is in order. So far so good though, as I have a fairly great grade in the class.

Ice-cream tasting yesterday was quick and easy. We all went to a local restaurant and they gave us three flavors to try. One was chocolate, another vanilla, and the last was green apple. I definitely wasn’t a fan of the green apple, but I ate it anyway. Who can turn down free ice-cream?

Finally, our trip to Madrid has some of the most amazing and beautiful sights we have seen throughout all of Spain. One palace, and two museums later, I have seen artwork that has outlived me by 100 lifetimes. The work of Dali were some of my favorite pieces to view. He knew how to create so much depth, and maintain the appearance of having light wrap around a figure, while also holding a two-dimensional shape. It was out of this world to see some of his work. The most incredible, in my opinion, was a simple portrait of a girl looking out of a window. There was a lack of his signature surrealism, however the way the light flows through the art, and how the depth brings it to life, I could have viewed it for hours.

Nearing the end of our trip, I am excited to go home. Spain has certainly been a great experience, however I have not had that bond that pulls me to stay like some other students have. If nothing else, I have actually grown in my love for the United States, and I hope that when I return, I can make my home a better place for others.

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