Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Sprint?

Well have I got news for you. Not only can you go to a beautiful city with a view, but you can also take advantage of the fastest lte network in the world (currently).

As we get closer and closer to that promised 5g lte speed, Sprint and a spanish company Telefonica have teamed up to push 4g tech to it’s limits. You can now get speeds fast enough to put your cable provider to shame. We’re talking like gigabit speeds here, and that is insane!

So the fact that I was able to visit this town in such a huge turning point in telecommunications is pretty cool to me. Sadly, I’m rocking a first gen Pixel XL, so I couldn’t take advantage of it, but for anyone living there I bet it is pretty crazy.

Enough with the nerd stuff, show me pics of a castle!

Ok, ok, hold your horses. I did get to visit the castle in the city on the edge of the city. The castle is perched on this massive cliff overlooking the horizon. When you are on the same level as the base of the castle, it may not seem like much, but on our drive towards it, the mountain almost seems like a huge extension of the castle.

Not only is the castle just super dope, but it also has an aqueduct! They wanted indoor plumbing so bad, they built the most expensive plumbing system you could imagine. And yet again, that was incredible.

In this bottom pic, you can almost make out the face of a woman on the
mountain top. Story has it that she was the mother of two fighting boys
and sacrificed herself to God so they would quit fighting.
When the boys woke up the next morning, she had died and they found her
form carved into the mountain.

Inside was beyond words or photos.

The level of detail to each individual room puts any american building to shame. Every room had a different themed ceiling. Every window was carved extravagantly. Every mural or bust had some crazy detail that made you go “woah.”

One ceiling looked like perforated gold. One wall had a mural with no eyes. There was a portion of stained glass that had the most relate-able expression I have ever seen, and a knight at the end of the tour who looked like he skipped leg day.

Avila was pretty cool too…

Probably not as cool as the world’s fastest wireless internet, but ya know.

The city had a huge wall all the way around it, and inside was the church where St. Theresa did her ministry. It was interesting to see where she once stayed, and there was a very tiny room facing a garden. Overall, the city was neat to look at, but we didn’t spend much time there.

This was a beautiful excursion

I really enjoyed taking photos in these places, and I think I have been able to take some of the architectural photos based around negative space and geometry that I love so much. I’ll leave you until next time with some photos that I call “Slants.”

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