This week has been pretty tough.

This country sure hasn’t given me much slack. It’s been an uphill battle every day on the ground here. I have learned to try to get the best out of every positive moment here, so that’s what Ill be talking a bit about in this blog. Hopefully this won’t be too short, haha.

First off: Bilbao was a really great outing. 10/10, would recommend.

From some really good hot-dogs, to the Guggenheim museum, there was so much to do there. We even went to the beach, but I was more interested in looking at the mountains around us than the water in front of me.


Look how beautiful this place is! I walked up and couldn’t even begin to speak. The inside was even better (but we weren’t allowed to take photos of the exhibits). It had two of the most incredibly exhibits I have ever seen in my life. The first was large steel walls that were spirals and representative of morphing 3D objects. The second was an exhibit was by Joana Vasconcelos with her “I’m your mirror” and was incredible. The use of color, scale, and unique items were beyond description.

I hated that the trip had to end…

Back in Salamanca:

Well this week wasn’t too extremely busy. We had a couple interesting outings. I finally got to experience the Tapas Tour. I joined a group of students to go around the downtown district and taste some incredible food, all for 9 euro! I met some very cool people from Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and Georgia (the country). We all had a great time talking about our homes and cultures. This is what I think this trip is really all about, getting to meet people from all around the world.

Yesterday we even got to go to a guitar craftsman’s shop and saw how a guitar was made. The middle schoolers there were little turds because the tour was originally offered in English but they all screamed that they wanted to hear it in Spanish.

I really can’t stand those little boogers.

I didn’t learn anything, but I did get a few photos that i’ll be posting on Instagram later on today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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