So now that I’m in Spain, what now?

Plane lands, we get off, and oh boy am I tired. I didn’t sleep a wink. The man in front of me was sick and vomiting the whole time and I couldn’t help but be scared that a trail of nasty was going to slither my way. So once my feet hit soil, I am doing my best to not puke or pass out.

After getting in the bus to Salamanca, I immediately pass out and wake up downtown. I am rushed off with two other guys to our new home for the month. At this point I am excited and hopefully for a great trip.

Fast forward through scenes of discovering what is immediately around us, finding el baño. Add on a night of sleep for good measure. 

The next day consists of going to orientation, learning a bit of the surrounding area through a tour, and ending the night talking with friends until around 1:00 am. I had a great time.

I get back home and immediately fall asleep. My roommates again have a difficult time falling asleep, but thanks to many nights of 3:00 am duty calls, I have master the art of waking up and falling back to sleep at a moments notice.

Onto the next day:

Today is when things really began to take off. Keep in mind, I am publishing this probably around 2:00 am Spain time, but it will be around 7:00 pm in the states. I feel very awake and it mostly feels like 11:00 would because of how late the sun goes down.

I started the day off with a confusing kerfuffle over breakfast. My lack of knowledge of the Spanish language really came to bite me in the butt. I was fairly disheartened and decided to write my update blog to keep me busy and get my mind of my stress. I then went to join my other Com students at the Mester building to begin our first class. We were given free jerseys and they look pretty nice! I will be wearing mine tomorrow to try it out. When class came, we communications students spent time talking about how much of a culture shock this experience has been and how difficult it is to not be able to communicate. For me personally, it feels like I am so isolated and can not use my greatest skill. I will be relying alot on these blogs and photos to have that communication in my life that keeps me going. Otherwise, I think I would go stir crazy.

Finally! Time for class.

After a few hours of rest we all went to a huge Cathedral for a tour. It was both the most beautiful building I have ever been in, and the most terrifying. Part of the tour required us to go across a balcony that was about 2.5 feet in width, and after one quick glance down at the floor below I was petrified. I mean it was just the worst feeling in my gut imagining if I were to fall or drop my camera. Heights and I do not get along well. After this obstacle, we were able to reach the top and see across the entire city. It was so amazing, and we could hear the bells going off right above our heads.

We stopped by the school once more for a quick lesson on Spanish history before we ran back to our rooms to freshen up for our banquet. I had to go buy some towels, take a 30 second shower because of high water prices, and put on my nice clothes. After my other roommates were good to go, we made the long trek all the way back to the school. (a whole 2 minute walk)

Now, it’s time to smash some food, homies

Dinner was great. I had some, well, interesting experiences. I can genuinely say I have never had sea urchin before, so that was something. My meat was so-so. I wish I had gotten the goat, but it was so greasy I didn’t really care for it all too much. Dessert was what was up.

So the night has ended, I have edited my photos, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope that things can get easier, however I will never let it hold me back from enjoying my time here.

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