This summer has been both a fairly laid back experience, as well as jam packed with great oportunities that I think come once in a lifetime. This is not just for me, but for my whole family.

When school let out, I moved back home with my parents to just start to pass the summer along and spend time with family. Early in the summer, my grandfather had me come work for him cutting grass, and we also began to work out together. Over the course of the summer so far I have lost around 7-10 lbs and I am feeling so much better about myself.

After a couple weeks of summer, my family began our stent of journeys across the world as John became the first of our family to go on a trip. He boarded a plane around 11:00 one day and took off to the UK and France where he spent two weeks exploring and looking at bad graffiti. Soon following, Mom and Dad went off to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary that was a few months ago, while I went up to Huntsville to send a week with Lydia and her family.

The family all had a great time traveling, and I know I had a blast sending my time with my favorite person. We spent the first day with her grandparents at the hospital, and throughout the rest of the week we went from the rocket center, to unclaimed baggage, to the park. One of my favorite days was when we went to the water park and splashed around.

Sadly I had to come home, and I miss her every day.

That monday I had an interview for an internship at Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and so began the best internship I have had so far. I had a week and a half to really test my skills and see what I could do. Jason Klein, the program director at the station, sat me down and we discussed what all I knew, what I wanted to learn, and possible avenues for achieving that goal. I was excited and nervous, but my largest emotion of all was happiness.

For those who don’t know my past, I once had an internship at MPB my senior year of Highschool. It was a year long and I spent it working with the production department on several types of shoots, some of which were either nominated or won regional Emmys. Returning to MPB has been a dream of mine because the people there are so kind and hepful. They were constantly helping me learn and pusing me to be better and hone my skills.

Going back was no different. Everyone in the radio department was extremely kind to me and gave me some advice I hope to never forget. Advice ranged from how to find great topics for a show, all the way to me eventually finding my true voice in radio.

In my time there, I was on air for 3 hours, edited 12 shows, edited 1 more on air voice for re-air, and produced a promo from scratch to final cut. All of my work was or will be aired accross the state of Mississippi and I am extremely excited to hear it all. I have published all of my work Here, or you can find it thorugh the Resume and Portfolio tab under “Audio Work.”

Again, that internship had to come to an end. I was sad to go, but I very much look forward to returning. Jason has offered to have me come back in the winter so I can use their studio to produce a truly great air check. I can’t wait to see what all I will learn.

As for things to come, I am now in Spain! I will be trying to write a blog as often as possible for my communications course. I will have tons of photos, audio, video and other formats for everyone to check out, so be sure to stay tuned in for all my new content.

Here is a preview of what this beautiful city looks like. These are just some shots from my phone, so there are some great ones on the way.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Mom, Dad, Ninnie, Daddy Larry, Mawmaw, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Bo, Lydia, Dr. Sanders, Jesse Rogers, Jason Klein, Fletcher Brown, Scott Colwell, Dr. Butler Cain, and anyone else who pushed me to be the best I could be. I hope I do not let you all down.

See you tomorrow!

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