I’m going to keep this blog short, because I’m absolutely exausted from the day. My legs hurt entirely, and my head was pulsing until Mom gave me some medicine.

Our day mainly consisted of touring the uptown of the city, and we started by going to my favorite place we have gone on this whole trip so far. B&H, for those who don’t know, is the second largest online retail behind Amazon. It is designed to cater to professionals, consumers and anyone in between when it comes to electronics and production equipment.

I had the opportunity to try on some high end headphones and I was not disappointed in the slightest. The first set I tried on were the LCD 3 cans by Audeze. (pronounced odd-i-z) These are definitely a stay at home set. You would put these in your listening room with your setup and probably never take them out of the house. They are around $2,000.00 and have the looks to back it up. On the downside, the sound quality and clamp force just didn’t do it for me. I already own a pair of Monolith M1060’s which retail for about $300. I have these with my setup using a Schiit Magni 2 amp to power them, and they sound almost as good, if not more enjoyable, compared to the LCD 3’s. In addition, my m1060s are much more relaxed and don’t have the same clamp power. I actually prefer this in a luxury headphone, as I don’t really move around much when listening. I like having a cloud like fit, and with a head as large as mine, I often find that to be a make or break deal for me. Finally, at the end of the day, these are so rediculous in the price range that for quality sound I can simply stick with my 1060s.

Next on my list of to-listens were the great set of HD-800s by Sennheiser. I went into these betting on them being a hypebeast of a headphone, but I wasn’t let down at all. These were incredibly detailed, had great mids and highs, and felt very comfortable. I could have worn these for hours. At the end of the day, they just didn’t have the fun I would look for in a listening pair of cans. I love the bass and character associated with my m1060s and LCD 3s. If I were to want to get into actual editing of music, or any other audio work that features very precise imaging, this has to be the headphone to get. I can honestly say these are the workhorse you need to edit your work in the audio world. At a $1,200 price range, it is settled in the realm of professionals, but not so far off that they are unjustified in their price.

If you can’t already tell, I would call myself an audiophile. If you don’t care that much about tech or audio equipment, I will eventually catalogue this blog into different categories. I would love to have a photography thread, travel thread, and tech thread. This way, all of my blog posts are on one site, but can be selected to the desires of those reading.

After B&H we had a small lunch, went to Grand Central Station and passed through a few popular buildings. John was getting a bit carried away, and kept running. My feet were beginning to hurt at this time. After a few more blocks, I really began to slow down. Walking became more of a chore.

It took us a while to find Rockefeller Plaza, but it was really beautiful there. Sadly, NBC tours were full, so I didn’t get to try that out. The big tree being put up, so that was cool to watch. It looked pretty big, but it’s not the ludicrously large tree you may think of from movies.

We ended our afternoon in Central Park, taking a carriage ride, and walking around. Dad, Mom and John ice skated in the park while I sat inside watching our stuff. My feet were so sore at this point, skates would have just killed me.

I do need to go to sleep now. We are going to be up very early, trying to go to the parade. Good night everyone, and happy Thanksgiving.

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